The Refugee Dictionary Terms and Conditions

We look forward to including as many of your definitions as possible in the dictionary! Here are a few requirements to make sure that your submission is eligible for inclusion. 


  • Please do not include someone else’s name without their permission. 
  • Please submit your definition by midnight on 05/07/2021  
  • Our apolitical stance helps us deliver aid based on humanitarian need alone. To help us maintain this principle, please do keep definitions focused on people not politics. 
  • This campaign celebrates the contribution and humanity of refugees around the world. Any offensive, discriminatory or inappropriate language will be removed. 
  • By submitting your definition you are agreeing to the following: 
  • For it to appear within a printed, bound book  
  • For your first name and city/county to appear next to your submission (unless otherwise stated) 
  • For your definition to be used by UK for UNHCR and UNHCR to promote the campaign, which may include social media, website, media and other channels. 



Can I submit more than one definition?

You are welcome to submit as many definitions as you’d like, but please make sure that whatever you submit is something that you would like to see in print. 

Can I submit more than one definition?

We aim to include every appropriate definition that is submitted and look forward to seeing your contributions!  

Will I be notified if my definition is included in the final printed and bound dictionary?

We are really hoping that thousands of people, like yourself, will take part in this campaign and as long as your submission meets the criteria above, it will be included. That means it won’t be possible to let you know if your definition has been included, but an online copy of the dictionary will be available on our website. 

What if I don’t know a refugee personally, can I still be a part of the campaign?

Yes absolutely! Your definition doesn’t have to be based on someone you know personally. It could be about a well-known person who is or was a refugee, a story from our website, or  simply what the word refugee means to you, what you think of when you hear the word refugee. 

English isn’t my first language, can I submit a definition in another language?

We want the Refugee Dictionary to be as diverse and inclusive as possible and hope that as many people as possible will submit their definitions. We will do our best to translate all submissions in other languages.  

Are there other ways I can submit my definition?

Yes, if you need help submitting your definition and cannot use our online form, you can either call our Supporter Care team on 020 3761 8094 or feel free to send it by post to: 

Freepost UK FOR UNHCR, Dictionary Campaign, York House, Wetherby Road, Long Marston, York, YO26 7NH. 

Please allow enough time for this to reach us in time ahead of the 5 July 2021 deadline. 

Any other questions?

Please contact our Supporter Care team who are ready to help, by calling 020 3761 8094 or emailing

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