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Supporting refugee families in Jordan who have fled conflict

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Islamic Aid supports refugee families in Jordan who have fled conflict, offering a vital lifeline for those living in displacement and poverty.

Jordan has one of the world’s highest refugee populations per capita, the vast majority of whom have fled the continued conflict in Syria. Having endured years away from their homes and work, most refugee families have exhausted any savings they may have had and struggle to pay for very basic life essentials including rent, food and healthcare.

Islamic Aid’s support has been particularly focused on helping refugees in urban centres such as Amman, where they face significant hardship. Close to 80% of Syrian refugees live in urban areas, and the vast majority of these are living below Jordan’s national poverty line of £71 per month. With the support of Islamic Aid, we have helped families put food on the table, send their children to school or pay for rent, vital medicine and basic essentials.

© UNHCR/Lilly Carlisle

“When he came to Amman, he only had me and God. I’ve raised him as my own, he goes to school and calls me dad. I feel like he is my son. He resembles his father in all things.”

Odai and his grandfather, Abdul Hameed, are pictured in Amman, Jordan.

Odai was only 6 months old when an airstrike hit the home where he lived with his parents back in Syria. After his father died and his mother was no longer able to look after him, his grandfather, Abdul Hameed, asked his brother (Odai’s great-uncle) to bring him across the border to live with him in Jordan where he had fled four months previously. Now 10 years old, Odai has spent his whole life in Jordan and refers to his grandfather as dad. Abdul Hameed says he sees so much of Odai’s father in him.

Abdul Hameed, or Abu Alaa as he is otherwise known, was a taxi driver back in Homs, but in Jordan has had to resort to collecting leftover bread to sell to pay their rent and look after his grandson Odai. After an appeal for help to UNHCR, they started to receive monthly cash assistance at the beginning of 2020. They now receive 190 dinar every month. The commitment of Islamic Aid helped make this support possible. Approximately 33,000 refugee families in Jordan receive cash assistance every month at a value of $5.5million.

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