I get afraid when winter comes.”


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Bristol-based illustrator and designer Ruby Taylor reflects on the stories of displaced mothers.

“I thought it was really moving when Um Ismael said ‘I get afraid when winter comes’, it’s such a contrast to my life when I am getting excited about Christmas and walks in the cold weather.”

Ruby explains, “For the design I wanted to use this quote and try to represent some of the things that the money will enable refugees to do, such as get warm clothes, get gas to make hot food and drinks and to warm themselves up. I also wanted to include symbols of the fear and cold, wet weather alongside statements of hope, love and support – Um Ismael says that she wanted people to ‘unite and love each other. I’ve created the design in little coloured blocks, to reference how a quilt would be designed which is another symbol of wrapping up and being warm.”


This winter tens of thousands of displaced Syrian and Afghan families with no one else to turn to will struggle to keep warm. As you wrap gifts this winter, please give a gift of kindness to help UNHCR deliver life-saving relief like blankets, tent insulation kits, and emergency winter payments.   

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Over the coming months, hundreds of thousands of refugees and displaced families will face sub-zero temperatures. We are on the ground distributing life-saving aid to help families survive the freezing cold winter months.

Stoves and fuel

to cook meals, generate heat and dry wet clothing

Emergency shelter

to protect a family from the harsh elements

Emergency cash payments

to help families buy what they need most

We rely on voluntary contributions to make our work possible.
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