Beyond the Headlines

Join UK for UNHCR for a series of exclusive briefings that go beyond the headlines. You will hear from refugees and UNHCR staff on the ground to learn about our operations in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and more.

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Beyond the Headlines: Yemen’s Hidden Crisis

22nd May 2024

In our latest briefing Lydia Piddock, Director of Strategy & Growth at UK for UNHCR, invited special guest speakers; Hesham Al-Akhali, UNHCR Senior Field Assistant in Yemen and Yasser Waris, UNHCR Deputy Representative in Yemen, for an in-depth discussion about UNHCR Yemen’s work on the ground, with a specific focus on their remarkable determination in responding to the crisis and inspiring stories of resilience from communities that UNHCR supports.
If you missed the live conversation or would like to re-watch you can watch the recording below.
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