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Join UK for UNHCR for a series of exclusive briefings that go beyond the headlines. You will hear from refugees and UNHCR staff on the ground to learn about our operations in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and more.

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Beyond the Headlines: Refugees in the UK

2nd November 2023

In our latest briefing Fiona Hesselden, Director of Fundraising at UK for UNHCR, invited special guest speakers; Mouhyedin, Syrian refugee who settled in the UK in 2016 with the help of UNHCR, and Vicky Tennant, UNHCR Representative in the UK, for an in-depth discussion about how UNHCR works within the UK with a specific focus on the journey refugees take to get to safety.
If you missed the live conversation or would like to re-watch you can watch the recording below.

Unfortunately, we were unable to get to all of your questions during the webinar, but there were several about how UK asylum policy is decided and UNHCR’s position. Policies are set by the UK Government, including how many resettlement spaces are offered to refugees, and practices for processing asylum claims. For more details, you can visit the UK Government website about the process of claiming asylum.

UNHCR has raised significant concerns about the implications of some elements of the UK’s new Illegal Migration Act and Nationality and Borders Act. The legal issues around this area are complex, and UNHCR has published various statements and fact sheets with more information.

International law around the right to seek asylum from conflict and persecution is enshrined in the Refugee Convention, of which the UK was a founding signatory. You can learn more about the Refugee Convention, as well as latest facts about displacement globally, by visiting our Refugee Facts page.

Following the recent UK Supreme Court judgement on the transfer of asylum seekers, UNHCR has also issued the following statement: UNHCR welcomes the UK Supreme Court judgement on transfer of asylum-seekers.

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