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What is UK for UNHCR’s Storytelling Programme?

Stories are incredibly powerful. As a charity, we firmly believe that refugees should have the agency to share their stories in the ways that feel most meaningful and appropriate to them. Today, our storytellers are at the heart of our mission, with their journeys prominently showcased online. They also play pivotal roles in our public campaigns, events and other online and offline activities.


Who are our storytellers?

So far, storytellers from 10 countries have shared their experiences. These countries are:

These countries are:

  • Syria

  • Afghanistan

  • South Sudan

  • Uganda

  • Iran

  • Venezuela

  • Yemen

  • Bangladesh

  • Burundi

  • Ukraine

As people with lived experience of forced displacement, our storytellers share their invaluable insights into the refugee experience: from being forced to flee, to finding safety and contributing to new communities.

Public engagement with impact

Our storytellers have been the stars of our public engagement campaigns, wholeheartedly sharing who a refugee is in our Refugee Dictionary, opening their hearts to share what home means to them in our Gallery of the (New) Home campaign, and conveying the personal stories behind each headline of the news in the portrait series Beyond the Headlines.

Storytellers’ Testimonials

Samin – Director/ Producer

Samin – Director/ Producer:

“Working in film, I understand how vital diverse stories are, so when UK for UNHCR asked me to share my story I was humbled to be able to share it with the world. They are leading the way by bringing untold stories to the forefront and allowing viewers to see both sides of the narrative. The team were kind, compassionate and thoughtful from start to finish, so it was an honour to work with them.”

Kana Josée – Writer and Chief Executive Officer

Kana Josée – Writer and Chief Executive Officer:

“The best part of collaborating with the UK for UNHCR is the opportunity they provided me to share my story as a former refugee. Sharing my story has brought hope to some refugees still in a state of despair and holding refugee status. You’ll never fully understand the impact of sharing your story until you hear from those you’ve helped. After media coverage, I received numerous messages, making me realise that I’ve become a voice for those who couldn’t speak for themselves. I’m very grateful to the UK for UNHCR for allowing me to collaborate with them.”

Vera – Civil Engineer

Vera – Civil Engineer:

“From the moment I first connected with the team at UK for UNHCR, I immediately sensed their warmth, polite attitude and genuine care. I felt really valued and heard. Taking part in the winter campaign was not only interesting but also eye-opening. What struck me most was the ongoing commitment to extending the efforts, ensuring that more people are reached and supported. It’s a reminder that despite holidays and weekends, the harsh reality of war in Ukraine persists.”

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Storytelling Programme FAQs

What activities can I get involved in as a Storyteller?
  1. Share your story online (on our website and social media) and with our supporters (in newsletters and mailings).
  2. Participate in public engagement campaigns.
  3. Attend or speak at virtual webinars.
  4. Attend or speak at in-person events.
Our commitments to storytellers
  1. We respect our storytellers’ privacy and boundaries during our conversations about their journeys.
  2. We ask for your formal consent to share your story. We securely store storytellers’ data and you can withdraw consent at any time.
  3. Your personal information is kept confidential. You have control over how much or little information you disclose.
  4. We prioritise accessibility and consider individual needs, such as learning difficulties or past trauma in our interactions.
  5. We monitor our social media channels regularly to maintain a safe and respectful online environment for all participants.
Is this a voluntary programme?

Yes, our storytellers are volunteers, and you have the flexibility to choose which projects to participate in based on your availability, schedule and interest.

Some projects or campaigns can involve more of your time. In this case, the charity covers expenses for storytellers participating in our projects, such as travel and meals, as needed.

We will also talk to you about other support that may be possible, for example, sharing about your business as part of your story or opportunities for storytelling training.

Learn more about the journeys of our storytellers



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