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Surviving winter: displaced Afghan families need your help now more than ever

Vulnerable Afghan families are on the frontline battling the freezing cold.

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A headshot of Aliyah staring at the camera.

Surviving the worst economic crisis in decades

Skyrocketing prices hit the most vulnerable Lebanese and refugee families hardest.

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“You will hear a similar story from every Afghan.”

UK for UNHCR spoke to Afghan student Sveto Muhammed Ishoq about advocating for women’s rights in Afghanistan.

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Protecting the rights of refugees in the UK

UK for UNHCR spoke to global law firm Baker McKenzie about their support to UNHCR.

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5 ways you can wrap refugees in kindness this winter

As the colder months creep in, here’s how you can support those forced to flee.

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“Kindness is like a cycle, and it’s important to give back.”

My journey from Syria to Scotland, and everything inbetween.

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