How to help Ukraine

The people of Ukraine need us now more than ever.

The latest fighting in Ukraine is forcing families to flee. Here’s how you can help…

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How to help Ukraine

More than 6.3 million refugees from Ukraine have crossed borders to seek safety in Europe. These numbers continue to rise.

UNHCR is urgently upscaling relief operations across Ukraine and in neighbouring countries to support fleeing civilians. Urgent needs include emergency shelter, relief items such as blankets, and psychological support – but all rely on voluntary donations.

Here’s how you can help Ukraine today:

Make a donation - send help now

With teams across the country, UNHCR is providing protection and humanitarian assistance, including emergency shelter, relief items such as blankets, and protection such as psychological support. Donations are urgently needed to help refugees from Ukraine and displaced people. Your support matters. Please visit this page to help people fleeing now.

Learn more about the Ukraine emergency

Whilst the situation in Ukraine is developing rapidly, you can visit our Ukraine situation page for more data, information and case studies.

It is essential that people fleeing Ukraine receive the information they need on how to find help. UNHCR runs an online portal with essential information for people in need in Ukraine and around the world. Amplifying this message on social media is enormously helpful–the more people share this information, the more people are likely to see it.  

Are you a refugee from Ukraine? UNHCR can help…

Any other country: 


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Our staff on the ground in Ukraine and at border points in neighbouring countries are specially trained in emergency response. People fleeing conflict are often experiencing trauma and sometimes have directly experienced violence, and it is vital that they receive support from people trained in dealing with these issues. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to provide training to volunteers.

In your spare time, we encourage you to volunteer with a refugee organisation near you to support refugees who are living in your community. You could offer your skills to teach refugees a language, craft, or sport, or simply help them to integrate by supporting with administration, paperwork and settling into the local community. If you speak another language, you could offer help as a translator online or with your local community organisations. 

Fundraise for displaced families

Fundraising for those displaced by the situation in Ukraine is easier than you might think. You can rally your friends, family and workmates to raise money for those displaced by conflict. There are lots of ways to get involved – from taking on a sporting challenge (like our 300,000 steps challenge), to organising an event at work, home or school, or simply asking for donations instead of birthday or wedding gifts. For more information, please visit our fundraising page.  


Help us stop the spread of misinformation

The web has enabled new ways to publish, share and consume media, with incredible speed. If you’re sharing information online about the situation happening in Ukraine, use accredited sources like UNHCR, the BBC, World Economic Forum and more. If you’re unsure of whether a news source is accredited, please visit this website to help you spot misinformation. For more information on the war in Ukraine, please visit the UNHCR data portal.  

To help children of all ages learn about global refugee issues, UNHCR has produced a range of teaching materials and selected online resources for teachers. To find out more and to sign up, visit the UNHCR Teaching about Refugees pages. 

Become an advocate

Engage with your networks, community leaders and elected officials – online and offline – about welcoming refugees in your community. Join a campaign that raises awareness about refugee issues and shows solidarity, including ensuring equal access to territory for refugees and asylum-seekers regardless of nationality. 

Find out more about the UK government's 'Homes for Ukraine' scheme

Many people are generously offering their homes, holiday homes and bedrooms to people fleeing Ukraine. Please visit the UK Government website for more information. UNHCR UK is currently not involved with this scheme.

Since the start of COVID-19, UNHCR has helped transport over 3,000 tons of relief to support displaced Ukrainians, including hygiene kits, PPE, sanitisers and soap, medical equipment, timber and construction materials for shelter and repairs.

Resources are stretched thin and your kindness is needed to help restore lives in Ukraine.


Emergency shelter

to provide safety for those fleeing or left with damaged homes



Relief items and emergency payments

for the most vulnerable individuals, including winter relief and blankets



Community support projects

to help displaced people access social services and psychological support

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