Our annual reports provide an overview of our activities and the impact of our contributions to relief operations around the world. These are published below and also submitted to the Charity Commission.

2020 UK for UNHCR Annual report

Annual Report 2020

UK for UNHCR Trustees Report on the charity’s activities and impact during the year.

As the lead UN agency for protecting forcibly displaced people, UNHCR regularly publishes reports and data about global displacement and its work to protect refugees.

Global Trends 2020

Global Trends 2020

The Annual report for 2020 that looks into global displacement crises, trends and data.

Global Trends

Annual report into global displacement crises, trends and data.

Global Report

Review of UNHCR’s challenges, operations and progress worldwide.

Donor Impact Report

Highlights of how donations have transformed lives around the world.

Desperate Journeys

Report into families forced flee and their journeys across the Mediterranean.
Stepping Up report cover

Stepping Up

Breaking down the barriers to education for millions of refugee children.
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