How to help refugees in the UK

Many people are eager to find out more about how to help refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. Refugees flee their countries because it is simply too dangerous to remain where they are. If you’re based in the UK and are wondering what you can do to help refugees, read on.

Donate and fundraise 

Donating and fundraising for refugees can make a big difference to their lives. Fundraising for charity can also be highly effective in improving the plight of refugees. UK for UNHCR is the official UK charity partner of UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) and we have lots of fundraising opportunities for you to take part in! Click here to find out more.  

If you’d like to donate directly, please visit our website.  


Refugees aren’t always made to feel welcome in the countries that they flee to. By campaigning for the rights of refugees, you can help to improve their situation. Many refugees want to learn the language of their new country so they can integrate into society and make a positive contribution. Many campaign groups are working to help refugees learn English and access healthcare, education and employment opportunities.  

For more information on how you support UNHCR’s work here in the United Kingdom, please visit the UNHCR page.  

Make refugees feel welcome in your community 

If refugees are settling in your area, helping them to integrate is a great step to take. Befriending refugees can help them settle and get used to their new environment quicker. Many local communities run special schemes to welcome refugees, help them learn the language and give them advice on seeking asylum, finding permanent accommodation and making new connections in the area. 

If you’d like to learn more about community sponsorship and how you make refugees feel welcome in your community, please visit the UNHCR website.  


Whilst UNHCR and UK for UNHCR does not take on volunteers in the UK, there are many refugee organisations across the country which depend on the support of volunteers, including: 

 British Red Cross  
 Refugee Action  
 Refugee Council 
 Scottish Refugee Council 
 Welsh Refugee Council 

Befriending refugees can help them settle and get used to their new environment quicker.

Get informed. Share the facts. 

People often have misconceptions about refugees and asylum seekers and sometimes fail to recognise their huge contribution to the UK. You can help change this by staying informed and sharing the facts. Find out more about asylum in the UK, follow us across our socials channels on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and read UNHCR’s latest report to keep up-to-date. 


Donating to help refugees, making them feel welcome, fighting misinformation, volunteering and campaigning to make their voices heard are great steps to take if you’re wondering how to help refugees if you are based in the UK. Whether you’re helping refugees here or overseas, your contribution can make a huge difference to their lives. 



Anyone can get involved with Refugee Week. Why not take part in one of our events?

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