Gallery of the (New) Home mini documentary

‘What home means’, as told by those who were forced to flee theirs but found safety in a new place.

What does home mean to you?

This question was answered by displaced people from across the world as part of UK for UNHCR’s ongoing Gallery of the (New) Home project.

The film features nine refugees from Bangladesh, Burundi, South Sudan, Syria and Uganda, and one internally displaced person in Ukraine, who submitted images to the charity’s ‘Gallery of the (New) Home’. Together they share what home means to them after being forced to flee their own. They are inspirational stories of strength, revealing how the notion of home changes when you’ve been displaced.

Gallery of the (New) Home is growing body of work that invites all members of the public to submit a photograph of something that means ‘home’ to them. The result is moving portrayal of our shared humanity, highlighting that home means many different things to all of us – family, safety, happiness, stability and more.

Please help us to build this collection or simply enjoy the exhibition by visiting the Gallery of the (New) Home online.

The film is also on display in the foyer of the Barbican in London from 19 June – 9 July 2023.

UK for UNHCR, is the national UK charity partner for the United Nations Refugee Agency, supporting people fleeing conflict and persecution around the world.

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