How to help Afghanistan

The people of Afghanistan need us now more than ever.

Here’s how you can help Afghanistan and, most importantly, Afghan women, children and men who have been forced to flee.

Photo: © UNHCR/Andrew McConnell

How to help Afghan refugees and displaced Afghans

After more than 40 years of conflict, Afghanistan remains one of the most complex humanitarian situations in the world, with people on the move across the country following a series of climate-change related emergencies and natural disasters. 

Learn more about the Afghanistan Situation

Afghanistan is again on the brink of a major humanitarian and displacement crisis. For more data and information, please visit our Afghanistan country page. 

Fight misinformation

If you’re sharing information online about Afghanistan, use accredited sources like UNHCR, the BBC, World Economic Forum and more. If you’re unsure of whether a news source is accredited, please visit this website to help you spot misinformation.  

Fundraise for refugees

Fundraising for Afghanistan is easier than you might think. You can rally your friends, family and workmates to raise money for displaced Afghan women, men and children. There are lots of ways to get involved – from taking on a sporting challenge, to organising a fun event at work, home or school, or simply asking for donations instead of birthday or wedding gifts. For more information, please visit our fundraising page.

Make a donation

Your support matters. While conditions are fraught, UNHCR is staying to help Afghan women, children and men. Teams are delivering relief to as many people as they can safely reach and will continue to do so. Donations are urgently needed to help displaced Afghans. Please visit this page to make your donation to help Afghanistan.

There are 3.5 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) within Afghanistan. 


UNHCR’s relief work relies on voluntary contributions so public support is urgently needed. There are many ways your donation can help Afghanistan refugees.  

If you’d like to donate to Afghanistan, your support can provide… 



Stoves and fuel

to cook meals, generate heat and dry wet clothing 



Emergency shelter

to protect a family from the harsh elements



Emergency cash resistance

to help families access food and medicine 

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