A Great British Welcome

Sharing stories of how communities across the UK welcome people who have been forced to flee their homes.

Photo: © UNHCR/Andrew Testa

A Great British Welcome

Throughout the UK, communities are warmly welcoming refugees and asylum-seekers, helping them to rebuild their lives in a new home, through integration and friendship. In celebration of the compassion shown by communities throughout the UK, UNHCR went on a journey to discover more about these stories, and to meet individuals and groups that live and breathe ‘A Great British Welcome’.

From a tight-knit community on the Isle of Bute in Scotland, where resettled Syrian refugee Wafa and her two sons learnt English and have become an integral part of local life, to a bouldering wall in Liverpool where people forced to flee climb with regular members, these photos and stories show how compassion and kindness create confidence and friendship.

All those featured in A Great British Welcome demonstrate the values of welcome and inclusion that underpin a strong tradition of sanctuary in the UK.

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A warm Welsh welcome

Integrating into the local community while bringing exciting new flavours to Cardiff’s culinary scene.

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Refugees Rock

Refugees rock, release and make friends at a climbing centre in Liverpool

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Empowering Refugees

The young refugees running market stalls, gaining confidence and becoming part of the community.

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