#WhatHomeMeans to refugees and other displaced people

Family, friends, a feeling of safety, belonging, and hope…

Refugees and other displaced people share what always brings them back “home”.


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Home can mean different things to different people. To some, home is a smell, an object or a feeling, but to others, it may be food, a pet, or a piece of clothing. Regardless of what home means to you, everyone can agree that it’s meant to be a place of comfort and safety.  

In honour of this year’s Refugee Week, we relaunched our Gallery of the (New) Home, an online exhibition that aims to explore the notion of ‘home’ by asking refugees, their friends and supporters to share their photos and stories.  

Our Gallery of the (New) Home serves to create a conversation; while inspiring all of us to keep working together to help refugees around the world find a safe, new place to call home.  

This is #WhatHomeMeans to refugees and other displaced people…. 


This picture of me and my mother reminds me of home sweet home all the time! I feel like homes are places that memories are made, where you are surrounded by the humblest of belongings that makes you smile, decorated with personal touches and sentimental items that ooze your personality and style, where you begin each day, and where you rest your head each night, but most importantly home is where your heart is.  

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Having been abandoned on a roadside in Kabale, Uganda; and then adopted, having a family is the most precious thing I have. You can have a house made of bricks and mortar, live on the streets or in a tent- but it can not be a home unless there is love and family within it. Home for me is my family. This photo was taken in Uganda in our garden. My parents are no longer alive but my brothers and sisters are still around. Their support, love and acceptance has always meant the world to me. This is my priceless home. (Left to right- my brother Shankerdas, sister, Mina, Pritam Kaur, mother, myself, Bharti, Kartarchand, father and Niranjana my sister, holding Shiv the youngest brother).


Home to me means belonging and stability. The picture of the passport means a lot to me! I was born a refugee and lived in so many countries with refugee status. So, since getting my citizenship, it gave me a great feeling that I belong somewhere! The image of me and my daughter in the living room means that I have a stable home. A home where I feel safe with my kids, and a home where I can host my family and friends. 


The concept of home is not reduced to its abstract meaning for me. Home is safety and peace, long and good company, love and respect, cultural diversity, and most importantly, a sense of acceptance by society and belonging to the individual.  

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Home for me is a place where I spend most of my time. A place where I feel so strong and safe. It’s an intimate place where all my beautiful memories are. My family is my home. This picture represents my home. This is my mother, my father, my two daughters and my house where I lived all my memories. This picture represents home because it contains everything that I love, including people and a building as well because in this house I have really great memories.  

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A home is not a physical structure, nor is it a geographical place. This is a photo of my family, my home, because no matter where we ended up as long as we could be together, it would always feel like home.  

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Everything reminds me of home. Sometimes I’m driving on the motorway and I see a view that reminds me of home. I see the sunrise, and it reminds me of home. When I hear the rain, it reminds me of home. I smell perfume, and it reminds me of the perfume my dad used to wear. I smell food, and it reminds me of home. Ultimately, being with my family and people I love and care about reminds me of home, because family is home. Being safe makes me feel at home.  

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Our Gallery of the (New) Home is now open for submissions. Visit our website and share what home means to you.  

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