Fundraise for refugees this summer with our top 10 ideas

From a movie night under the stars to sporting events and bake sales, we have heaps of ideas for you to donate to refugees and displaced people in need this summer.


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Do you want to help refugees in need? Unsure of where to start with your fundraising efforts? We’ve put together our top ten refugee fundraising ideas for you to take some inspiration from that are perfect for hot summer days and warmer evenings.  

1. Host your own summer Olympics 

Every four years, the world’s greatest athletes come together to compete in the summer Olympics; this year they’ll be taking place between 26th July and 11th August in Paris. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring out everyone’s competitive side and host your very own summer Olympics. Get your friends, family or work colleagues together, get stuck in and donate to refugees in need whilst having some fun!  

2. Take part in a sponsored run  

There are loads of sponsored runs taking place across the country during the summer months, whether you’re wanting to give a mud run a go, try out your first marathon or half marathon, or just beat your PB during your weekly park run. Set up a JustGiving page and spread the word! 

3. Set up a sweepstake 

This is a great one to get your work colleagues involved in, especially with so many events happening between June and September this year – from football tournaments to Wimbledon, the Paralympics to World Cups. Ask those who want to participate to donate £2-£5; this could be done as cash or via an online fundraising page. You can arrange a prize for the winner – even better if you can get a local business involved! Once the sweepstake has finished, 100% of the money goes straight to supporting refugees and displaced people in need.  

4. Cook up a storm with a bake sale 

A bake sale is a classic but easy fundraising idea that’s perfect for school fetes, and gets the kids involved too. Show off your baking skills from brownies to cupcakes, or get others involved creating their signature bake (just remember to keep the buttercream out of the sun!). 

5. Organise a good old-fashioned raffle 

If you’re involved in local groups, a raffle is a fun way to get local businesses and the community involved on a larger scale. By simply selling raffle tickets for a few pounds each, you can quickly build up a great donation pot. Local businesses could provide gift vouchers, merchandise, toys or experiences.  

6. Show off your vocals with an open mic night 

If singing is your thing, an open mic at your local pub is one way to set up a fundraiser that hits all the right notes. Share the event in advance and ask performers, or your friends who have stars in their eyes, to sign up for a small donation. You can also share your fundraiser with those who have come to watch – you never know, it could become a regular thing!

7. Get casual with a dress down day 

Whilst the hot UK summer days are few and far between, we’re sure they’ll be here at some point. Say no to the suits or school uniform for the day and ask those who want to participate to donate a couple of pounds to your refugee fundraiser. You could set a theme for your dress down day or keep it more relaxed.

8. Get peddling with a bike-a-thon 

The Tour-de-France takes place at the end of June into July, so how about you create your very own and get a team of avid riders involved in your bike-a-thon? Set up an online fundraising page and set yourself a realistic but challenging goal and see how much you can raise. One of our supporters even cycled a staggering 40,000 km around the world to raise awareness for refugees. If 40,000 km sounds a bit too ambitious, start off with a few kilometres and see how you get on.  













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9. Jump on the back of a national day 

You’ll be surprised how many dates seem to now have their very own national day, from World Environmental Day on the 5th June to International Joke Day on the 1st July to International Day of Charity on the 5th September. Use these as a basis for your fundraising efforts and get your loved ones involved whilst raising money for displaced people.  

10. Popcorn at the ready! Host an outdoor cinema night 

Set up your very own outdoor cinema night and invite a handful of people to enjoy a movie under the stars. Grab some blankets, set up a projector, pick up some popcorn and you’ve got yourself the perfect setup. You can charge ‘tickets’ in which 100% of the proceeds go to supporting refugees. 

Learn more about fundraising here.  

Your fundraising efforts account for so much… 

Any amount donated from your fundraising efforts can mean so much to refugees in need. To give you an idea of what your donations can provide, did you know:  

  • £96 can help provide a blanket, tarpaulin, solar lamp and hygiene kit to a family who has lost everything. 
  • £368.80 could help provide refugees with a family tent, giving them a safe place to shelter. 
  • £2,576 could help provide a UNHCR university scholarship to pay for tuition fees, accommodation, travel, books and living expenses for a year. 

How do I donate the money I have raised?  

There are a few ways you can donate the money you have raised during your summer fundraising events:  

  • JustGiving – UK for UNHCR are registered on JustGiving, so you can simply connect your page to ours – click here to learn more. 
  • Directly on our website – once you’ve raised your money, you can donate directly on our website by clicking here and typing in the amount you’ve raised.   

Let us know how you get on… 

We love hearing from those who are making a difference for the refugee community. We’d like to say a heartfelt thank you on behalf of our team and the displaced families that will benefit from your dedication and support.  

You can tag us in your fundraising efforts on Instagram or Facebook to help spread the word!  

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