Stand with refugees, support UNHCR

Image: © UNHCR/Catalina Betancur Sánchez

We’re sad not to have been chosen for Allen & Overy’s charity of the year, but we wish Women for Women International the best in their partnership going forward. We know that with A&O’s support they will be able to support many more women survivors of war.

If you would like to support UNHCR’s lifesaving work around the world, please visit the links below.

By supporting UNHCR, together, we can help more people like Wendys.

Wendys is a fifty-one-year-old Venezuelan woman who arrived in Colombia in 2018, fleeing from economic hardship and the political turmoil in her country. Wendys faced the challenges of beginning a new life in an unknown country without friends, family, or job opportunities.

UNHCR supported Wendys and gave her the means to secure an income and integrate into the community. Wendys received a sewing machine and training on entrepreneurial skills, which allowed her to start a business from home by selling her products online.

She used her creativity and recyclable materials, including UNHCR tents, to make rag dolls, bags, and other handmade products. Wendys’ story shows that promoting entrepreneurship not only improves resilience but also promotes sustainable consumption and encourages recycling.

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