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Supporting refugees on the move along the key migration routes

Forty-year-old Eritrean mother Winta (second right) walks through her Swiss village with three of her children (from left) Ksanet, 16, Ermias, 13, and Melat, 9.​ © Mark Henley/Clarens_Reunited48

UK for UNHCR’s partnership with Comic Relief begun in May 2020 after being awarded a grant as part of their ‘Across Borders’ refugee programme. Across Borders focuses on supporting refugees on the move along the key migration routes, from Middle East and North Africa to Europe.

Thousands of refugee children and families continue to take desperate journeys to Europe. Many unaccompanied and separated children, who have escaped persecution and conflict in countries such as Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan, now find themselves in transit and asylum countries such as Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia and Sudan. As they move along the route to their destination countries and families in Europe, they continue to be exposed to unfathomable atrocities.

The grant from Comic Relief will support ‘A Safe Journey Home’, a UNHCR family reunification project which aims to enhance legal pathways for 1050 refugee children and youth in Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia and Sudan so that they can be safely reunited with their families and to reduce the need for them to take dangerous routes to Europe. The project will also inform and drive wider policy change and public campaigning.

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For more information about partnering with UNHCR to help refugees, please contact [email protected]

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