2023 FinTech Connect Conference

Explore Digital Inclusion: Insights from UNHCR’s Panel at FinTech Connect 2023

Photo:© UNHCR/Pauline Omagwa

Thank you for joining us at the 2023 FinTech Connect Conference and attending UK for UNHCR’s panel discussion with our corporate partners, Adyen and Revolut.

As we discussed, Digital Inclusion is a key pillar of UNHCR’s recently launched Digital Transformation Strategy. The focus is to ensure that refugees and the communities that host them have the right, and the choice, to be included in a connected society, and can have their voices heard in the design and implementation of humanitarian response.

UNHCR strives to be at the forefront of the digital inclusion agenda, experimenting with new technologies, approaches and more to achieve a more inclusive digital environment. It does so through the Digital Innovation Programme led by UNHCR’s Innovation Service and utilises innovative approaches, tools, and methodologies to achieve its goals – encouraging community-centric creative approaches that address identified challenges.

However, in order to achieve our ambition of no refugee being left out of the connected society, building strong and comprehensive partnerships is essential. We hope that you were inspired hearing about UNHCR’s new and creative models for engagement and collaboration, and that you and your company are interested in finding out more and exploring partnership opportunities either through the Global Refugee Forum pledge, or separately.


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