Donating through the tap of a button

In June 2020, to celebrate World Refugee Day, UNHCR launched on the Revolut Donations in-app portal allowing millions of customers to #standwithrefugees 

Since then, Revolut customers have donated over £500,000, including £200,000 raised in August 2021 during an Emergency Appeal for UNHCR’s work in Afghanistan. 

We are honoured to support UNHCR’s important work. More than 40,000 Revolut customers have donated over £570,000, helping thousands of refugees globally. We’re delighted to see such a significant impact from our community.

Christopher Guttridge, General Manager, Lifestyle Products 

Revolut’s 20 million customers can donate to UNHCR through three different mechanisms. They can either round up their spare change, set up recurring donations or make a one-time payment to give a set amount to the charity of their choice. There is no minimum donation and customers can donate in any currency from any geographical location. 

Donations from Revolut customers go towards UNHCR’s work around the world, wherever the need is greatest. This flexible funding partnership is incredibly valuable to UNHCR and we are deeply grateful to all the Revolut customers globally who donate. 

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