Emergency medical care

Life-saving care for the sick and injured

Photo: ©UNHCR/Phil Behan

Refugees who’ve fled conflict or natural disasters are often at their lowest ebb – exhausted, vulnerable to disease or suffering injuries sustained in their escape.

They’ve fled for their lives, but those lives are still in danger – unless they receive the medical care they need to survive and recover.

That’s why UNHCR works in crisis areas worldwide, providing life-saving care and treatment to those in urgent need of help. As well as emergency first aid, we also help deliver psychological support, immunisation and stabilisation programmes to counter malnutrition. All vital as refugee families recover and regain their strength after the trauma of fleeing.

Our supporters help fund

Care and treatment

to save lives and nurse people back to health.

Psychological support

to help families recover from what they’ve been through.

Nutrition programmes

to improve the long-term health of refugee populations.

UNHCR/Roger Arnold

Learning to laugh again

In their short lives, these Rohingya children have known unimaginable suffering. Many have lost their parents, witnessed killings, rapes and torture, or seen their villages burnt to the ground. All have fled in terror to the vast camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, and still bear the scars of what they’ve been through.

In these camps, UNHCR supports child-friendly spaces, where refugee children can spend time, get counselling from expert psychologists and slowly start to put the past behind them. It’s a chance for them to make friends, feel safe and slowly learn to laugh and play again – just as every child should.

Photo: ©UNHCR/Kitty McKisney

Did you know that measles immunisation is one of our first priorities in any emergency?

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