A duty of care to vulnerable communities

Photo: ©UNHCR/Socrates Baltagiannis

When families are forced to flee, their worlds are torn apart completely. Yet in some ways, normal life goes on – babies are born, people grow older and diseases need treating, just like in any other circumstance.

That’s why UNCHR works hard to ensure proper healthcare for refugees and displaced families, wherever they are and whatever their situation. Our programmes include neo-natal care, physiotherapy, reproductive health initiatives and treatment for diseases like HIV and cancer. And together, they save and change thousands of lives every year.

Our supporters help fund

Neo-natal care

for premature or sick babies in their first few weeks.

Cancer treatment

to help patients survive and recover.

HIV programmes

to encourage safe sex and treat those with the virus.

Helping Aisha take her first steps

Three-year-old Aisha and her grandfather are Rohingya refugees, now living in a camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Aisha has a developmental delay that hinders her movement – making it hard for her to sit and control her back muscles.

Thankfully, she’s now getting regular physiotherapy at a clinic supported by UNHCR. Under the expert care of the team there, she’s starting to move more freely and even uses a walker to get around independently.

Photo: ©UNHCR/Firas Al-Khateeb

Did you know that we support many autistic children and encourage them to make friends and socialise at our child-safe spaces?

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