Rebuilding lives and livelihoods

Photo: ©UNHCR/Gerhard Westrich

After fleeing war or persecution, the opportunity to work and earn a living offers one of the most effective ways to help people rebuild their lives with dignity.

That’s why UNHCR advocates for refugees’ employment rights, offers them vocational training and helps them find a market for the skills and goods they offer. With our help, people can start to provide for their families, become self-sufficient and contribute to their new communities, as they long to.

Our supporters help fund


to help refugees gain the right to work in their new countries.


in vocational skills like sewing and carpentry.

New skills and fresh hope for Gladys

Gladys fled violence in South Sudan two years ago and now lives with her mother and siblings in Pagirinya refugee camp, Uganda. At first, the family had no way of supporting themselves or surviving from day to day in their new country. 

Recently, however, Gladys attended a training course run by UNHCR and graduated as a fully qualified motorbike mechanic. Her job gives her enough money to live on, a sense of purpose and a useful role in her local community. It’s inspired her to branch out into other vehicle repairs – and even become a biker herself!

Photo: ©UNHCR/Marie-Joëlle Jean-Charles

Did you know that our vocational training programmes even include journalism and media studies courses?

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