An update from our CEO: the latest on the emergency in Ukraine

Ukraine: UNHCR is scaling up emergency operations


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It is hard to believe just 48 hours have passed since I last updated you. The speed of developments in Ukraine has been staggering and public support has been overwhelming.Over 368,000 Ukrainian refugees have now crossed borders seeking safety. Numbers continue to rise. Most are women and children, carrying the few belongings they could fit into the bags they carry. They are cold, exhausted and traumatised.As someone with family in Ukraine, these images have been particularly stark. I’m so grateful that my family members were able to leave Ukraine and are now safe in another country – but there are thousands of Ukrainian people who are still displaced, homeless and have nowhere safe to go. Like you, I am very concerned for their welfare.

UNHCR has quickly scaled up its emergency operations. Inside Ukraine, movement around cities is difficult but our teams are determined to stay and deliver assistance. UNHCR is calling for civilians to be protected and for safe corridors to ensure humanitarian aid can be delivered.

UNHCR staff are also on the borders of neighbouring countries, such as Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, to provide protection and assistance for families as they arrive seeking safety.

In Moldova, our colleagues are delivering aid to support 10,000 displaced Ukrainians. Family tents, solar lamps, baby kits, sleeping bags and more – normally everyday items which have now become lifelines.

But we cannot do this alone. UNHCR relies on donations from refugee supporters like you to fund these efforts – and the scale of this crisis far outstrips the available resources.This is why I am urgently issuing this appeal today, to ask for your help. We simply cannot meet this humanitarian challenge without public support.Please help today, every donation counts.We will continue to keep you informed as the situation develops – or keep an eye on our website and social media channels for latest updates.Thank you for your solidarity, and for standing with refugees everywhere.

We rely on voluntary contributions to make our work possible.
Thank you for standing with refugees.

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