Writing Wills is only for older people: this & other myths busted in time for Free Wills Month

UNHCR’s work is a lifeline and a source of hope for refugees around the world. By leaving a gift in your free Will, you can help it remain so long into the future. 


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“I want to see a world where refugees are protected, where their humanity and rights are recognised. I want to see an end to the injustice of families who are forced to flee their homes being stigmatised and abused. That’s why, since Autumn 2019, I’ve been honoured to serve as UK for UNHCR’s voluntary treasurer. It’s also why I’m leaving a gift towards UNHCR’s work in my Will.” 

-Keith Felton, Treasurer, UK for UNHCR 

For the month of October, we are pleased to offer our amazing community of supporters the opportunity to write a Will for free with the professional support of Farewill.  

If you’re not quite convinced, join us as we go bust some myths…  

Myth #1: It’s expensive to write a will. 

Writing a Will won’t cost you the Earth. In fact, it doesn’t have to cost you anything! For the whole month of October, you can write your Will for free with UK for UNHCR and Farewill. Visit Farewill now to learn more or claim your free Will.

Myth #2: Writing a will is complicated.  

Another common myth is that writing your Will is a complex, drawn-out process. It’s actually super simple, just speak with Farewill’s dedicated team of experts who will guide you step-by-step.  

Myth #3: Will-writing takes a long time.  

Busted: writing your Will and testament can take as little as 15 minutes with our free Will service. 

Myth #4: Wills are only for older people.  

You don’t have to be in your golden years to start thinking about your Will. If you own a house or any other prized possessions, it’s generally advised you start writing your Will now.  


Still thinking about it? Farewill’s dedicated team are here to support with any questions or concerns. Visit Farewill now to learn more or claim your free Will.

To learn more about UK for UNHCR and how we help displaced families around the world, please visit.  

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