Empowering Refugees Through Nature: The Moving Mountains Project Mission 

Veterans harness the power of the great outdoors to support refugees seeking sanctuary in the UK. 


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© Moving Mountains Project

In the heart of the UK, a unique initiative is weaving a tale of resilience, hope and community. The Moving Mountains Project, conceived by British veterans who have traded their military uniforms for a charitable mission, offers an embrace to refugees seeking sanctuary from conflict zones.  

The seeds of this project were planted during a dinner among friends, bound by their shared military past and a deep empathy for those displaced by war in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Their shared passion for the great outdoors, recognised not only for its healing virtues but also as a canvas for universal inspiration, became the cornerstone of the Moving Mountains Project. 

This project is not just about embracing nature; it’s a testament to the transformative power of the great outdoors. Through free residential retreats in the UK’s National Parks, refugees are invited to explore the vast beauty of their new home. From conquering the peaks of Snowdonia to the exhilarating rush of zip-lining adventures, these experiences serve to dismantle the barriers to access and enjoyment of the natural world. 

The retreats cater to young refugees aged between 16 to 25, creating a diverse mix of cultures, languages and stories. As these young people step into the great outdoors, they find common ground, shared laughter and the beginnings of lasting friendships. This journey into the outdoors is more than physical; it’s a pathway to relaxation, enjoyment and community.

A fist bump shared at the summit. © Moving Mountains Project

The Moving Mountains Project’s ambition extends beyond adventure. With new ventures into local conservation projects and accredited learning courses, the project aims to equip these young refugees with the ‘essential skills’ crucial for personal and professional development. Workshops in aiming high, staying positive and teamwork pave the way to education, employment and a brighter future. 

As the project sets its sights on reaching 90 new beneficiaries in 2024, the spirit of partnership shines bright, with collaborations with other non-profit organisations poised to amplify impact and reach. This mission, rooted in a human-centric approach, aims to offer more than just refuge in nature; it seeks to build a community where refugees can flourish, share their stories and move their own mountains – be it in employment, education or adventure. 

The Moving Mountains Project is more than an initiative; it’s a movement towards a world where every refugee has the chance to rewrite their story with hope, dignity and opportunity. As this journey unfolds, the project invites all to join in supporting, inspiring and empowering a generation of refugees in the UK, helping them carve out paths to brighter, more hopeful futures. 

To learn more about the Moving Mountains Project visit their website.

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