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Partnering in emergency response and legal support

Allen & Overy helped fund UNHCR’s emergency relief supplies for survivors of Cyclone Idai, southern Africa. © UNHCR/Vania Turner.

International legal practice Allen & Overy (A&O) has supported UNHCR’s work for refugees since 2015, when the A&O Foundation awarded emergency funding in support of UNHCR’s response to the European refugee situation.

Since then, A&O has supported UNHCR to protect people displaced by life-threatening situations ranging from conflict in Iraq to the aftermath of Cyclone Idai in southern Africa.

“Displacement is one of the greatest crises of our age, and there’s a huge amount that an organisation like ours can do to help those affected. Where possible, we apply our resources, expertise and global network to help displaced people around the world.”

Kate Cavelle, Head of Pro Bono & Community Investment, Allen & Overy

A&O is also a vital partner for UNHCR’s Refworld case law database, providing both their financial support and pro bono expertise to a major website upgrade project. Over 35 employees in UK, US and Australia have spent over 450 hours working pro bono on this project since 2017, working alongside lawyers from the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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For more information about partnering with UNHCR to help refugees, please contact [email protected]

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