Join over 1.1 million people calling on world leaders to protect people seeking asylum and their rights.


No one should have to pay with their lives or freedom to reach safety

Photo: © UNHCR/Oxygen Film Studio

Becoming a refugee is not a choice. But how we act, how we respond, is. As a society, we all have a choice to make.

Do we look the other way when we see discrimination, injustice and violations of human rights? Or do we take action to help protect that right to seek asylum?

In December 2023 this petition was delivered to the Global Refugee Forum – the only global meeting where world leaders come together to find solutions for refugees and people seeking safety around the world.
With over 1.1 million signatures, over 8,500 of which were from the UK, this petition sent a strong message to leaders and decision makers – we need action and change for refugees.
If you haven’t yet joined this global community of changemakers, add your voice added in solidarity today and call for long-term solutions for refugees.
What is the Global Refugee Forum?

The Global Refugee Forum 2023 will take place between 13-15 December in Geneva. It’s the only global meeting where world leaders come together to find solutions for refugees and people seeking safety and it shows the countries hosting the vast majority of the world’s refugees that they are not alone in shouldering this responsibility. Last held in 2019, it’s not just a meeting for the world’s leaders, it’s also a chance for you to show your solidarity and call for action.

What message will we take to world leaders at the Global Refugee Forum?

The message – your message – that we’ll take to world leaders at the Global Refugee Forum is that solidarity with all refugees, everywhere, is needed more than ever. Together we can uphold their right to live without fear and to thrive wherever they may be living.

What are you calling on world leaders to do?

By joining this campaign, you are calling on world leaders to act together and with solidarity to prioritise:


  1.   Access to safe territory and preventing people from facing violence or dying along the routes.
  2.  Adequate conditions and treatment for refugees in line with human rights, dignity and inclusion.
  3.  Accession to the Refugee Convention, lifting reservations and establishing efficient asylum procedures.
  4.  Increased access to durable solutions, including resettlement.
  5.  Solidarity and support to countries and communities hosting large refugee populations.
What is UNHCR?

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is the leading organisation protecting those forced to flee, and United Kingdom for UNHCR is the national charity partner. We help refugees by advocating for their protection and raising funds that help UNHCR deliver humanitarian relief to displaced families across the globe.

Our team is the sum of our supporters across the UK – thousands of individuals, communities, foundations and businesses who believe in standing with refugees and taking action to protect them.

Together, we can give hope to all those away from home, and find lasting solutions that uphold the rights of those desperately seeking safety.

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