Gifts-in-kind support

Use your skills, resources and expertise to positively impact refugees and displaced people around the world.  

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Benefits of in-kind donations

In-kind donations, such as products and services, are a unique opportunity for companies to support displaced people by leveraging their expertise, resources, and assets. By donating products and/or expertise that match the needs of UNHCR your company can have a meaningful impact on displaced populations globally.

Benefits of in-kind donations include: 

  • Product or resource-based philanthropy that boosts CSR credentials 
  • Redistribution of excess stock, reducing supply chain waste 
  • Align company specialism to UNHCR’s mission 
  • Identify shared values 
  • Have a positive, direct impact on the ground 

You can download our product and services donation guide here.

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UNHCR accepts gift-in-kind (GIK) contributions of goods, equipment, property, or services. GIK can be considered as: 

Goods in-kind contributions

like tech equipment, clothing, solar panels and other assets such as software

Services in-kind contributions

including experts and emergency deployments, management consulting, connectivity, transportation and office/warehouse space

More information

UNHCR most commonly pursues this form of support as part of a wider, holistic partnership with existing corporate donors.  

However, we do understand that not all organisations have the capacity to give both financially and in-kind, and we welcome discussions on potential areas of collaboration.  

From technology equipment that helps bridge the education gap, to secure Wi-Fi hubs that enable displaced communities to stay connected, or the more recent vaccines and hygiene supplies that kept people safe during COVID-19 – there are endless ways that your organisation can support our cause.  

For further information on what goods and services we can accept and the process for donating, please get in touch to learn more.

Photo: ©UNHCR/Antwan Chnkdji


Case study image

Case study – Unilever

In response to COVID-19, Strategic Alliance member Unilever donated millions of items of essential hygiene products to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in over 40 UNHCR operations worldwide.

Refugees and displaced people were at heightened risk during the outbreak, and the donated items from Unilever – including soap, hand sanitizser and disinfectant – assisted those forced to flee in their handwashing and hygiene efforts.

In addition to GIK donations, UK for UNHCR received a multi-million dollar grant from Unilever, which helped to prevent the spread of COVID-19 beyond their GIK support to an estimated 12 million refugees in high-risk operations.

This multifaceted approach to corporate giving demonstrates the impact that can be made by responding to emergencies and appeals like COVID-19 with products/resources in demand, as well as providing the vital funds needed to continue UNHCR operations around the world.
Photo: ©UNHCR/Mohammed Hamoud

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, we would love to hear from you. Please email Kirstin at [email protected]

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