A message from our CEO: UNHCR convoy arrivals in Kherson

A message to our supporters from UK for UNHCR CEO Emma Cherniavsky


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Following the news that the Ukrainian Government has just regained control of Kherson, a major city in Ukraine’s east, I wanted to let you know our first aid convoy has already arrived.

Conditions for residents trapped in Kherson have been extremely difficult, and UNHCR is acting swiftly to get aid into the city.

As part of a UN convoy, UNHCR has helped deliver relief for an initial 6,000 residents, including thermal blankets, sleeping bags, bed linen, solar lamps, tarpaulin and jerrycans.It is your support that enables UNHCR to act quickly to help saves lives during a crisis, and I wanted to say thank you for your continued solidarity.

UNHCR’s Ukraine Representative, Karolina Lindholm Billing, travelled with the convoy and reported back from Kherson yesterday.

“We saw houses along the way that had been destroyed or severely damaged and heard how people are struggling to meet their most basic needs, like food and water, and stay warm, as the electricity supply lines have been destroyed.”

“It was important to deliver this first convoy with assistance quickly. Now, the priority is to continue, and bring larger volumes of assistance to the people of Kherson city and Oblast as winter is around the corner and it will add another layer of vulnerability.”

We are in a race against time to help displaced families living in damaged buildings, often without power. Winter temperatures in Ukraine can fall below minus 20 Celsius, making humanitarian relief and shelter supplies a matter of survival.

Your generous support will help UNHCR be on the ground in Ukraine and other countries in need, throughout the difficult months ahead.

Just 72 hours after the Government of Ukraine regained control of the city of Kherson, UNHCR and partners have begun urgently distributing lifesaving aid to displaced families. This is the first interagency convoy to enter Kherson since Russian forces took the city in March this year.

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